Pre-registration for the Zenler Studio Pro Beta

Zenler is announcing today the pre-registration for the release of the Beta Version of Zenler Studio Pro, (ZSP). ZSP is a full featured e-learning authoring tool which for the first time liberates PowerPoint users with integrated game based e-learning tools.

ZSP speeds up the authoring process through importing several file formats as flash. With both video and audio functions contained in ZSP narration of either type can be done without leaving ZSP.

Zenler will also facilitate a Beta Community to foster collaboration between the Beta Participants to help maximize the Beta experience.

Zenler’s Tom Burton remarked, “We have been looking forward to the day when we can put ZSP in the hands of some professional educators and let them put it to the test. We are anticipating that our Beta users will be able to generate deeper levels of learner immersion into their content using ZSP’s game and simulation capabilities.” Tom pointed out that even with the games ZSP will be simple and easy to use, “We understand that cost of ownership is critical and producing a product that is quick to learn and easy to use will help the learning professional keep their CFO happy. Putting video, audio, import to flash, Interactivity tools and exporting to most versions of SCORM, AICC and to flash in one program exploits the power of simplicity.” When we asked who will benefit from participating in the Beta program Tom said, “We have several Universities and major corporations participating however with the requests we have gotten from smaller organizations we can see that opening the Beta up to whoever wants to participate maybe the best for all involved.”

To participate register your interest for Zenler Studio Pro Beta at:

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