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What makes Landing Pages High Converting ?

Written by Rakesh Vallil

A landing page is any web page that a visitor can arrive at or “land” on. What are Landing Pages? Learn more…

General rules of high converting landing pages are as follows.

  • Headlines and sub headlines.
    It should show clearly the benefit they will get.
    eg.,  Lets take a look at one example of a landing page below.Promotion 1

    Let’s say I am doing similar but for 6 Pack Abs We could do the following.

    Heading: Get 6 Pack Abs in 30 days for FREE!

    Sub heading: Do you want to get 6 Pack abs that everyone envies?

    Get ready to find out the secret to attaining fabulous 6 pack abs.

    Introducing the 6 Pack Abs Formula, the key to transforming your abs. For a limited time you can get a sneak peek of the 6 Packs Abs formula.

    < Click here for Instant Access Call to Action Button >

  •  Adding a key word FREE is important.
  • Most important details should be “above the fold on your landing page”. i.e all the main benefits and call to action button should be on the first part of the page so that users doesn’t need to scroll down.

    Driving Traffic to the Landing pages
    Drive traffic to your landing pages using your own email lists/contacts, social media (Facebook/Twitter/google plus etc). You could also drive traffic using low paid Facebook ads.

    Promotion 2

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