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Tips for creating courses and pricing of courses

Written by Richard Smith

Some Quick Tips for creating your courses and pricing of courses.

1. Creating the Course

Variety of options, however stop thinking it’s difficult – it’s not!

  • You could use any screen recording software’s to produce videos Tools:
    e.g., Techsmith Camstasia (
    Screenflow for Mac ( are quite easy tools. Screen Recording with voice narration over it works very well for lessons. You do not need any other equipment’s other than a good Mic for good sound quality if you take this route. Some of the best courses even have just a single same slide showing up in all lessons with voice narration over it.
  • You can record videos yourself – even most of latest smartphones like iPhone produce good HD videos. Use soft lighting and avoid clutter in background.
  • What is more important for any course with video is the sound quality, make sure you use a decent mic(Blue yeti/iRig HD are decent mic’s)Some references to get better videos if you are shooting the video rather than screen recording:
  • If you need to make an interactive eLearning/SCORM course from PowerPoint, you can download our Zenler Studio authoring tool for free from manage courses screen in your school admin page. This works as a plugin to Microsoft PowerPoint on Windows. For videos we do not recommend this, but for interactive courses with quizzes and interactions you could use this. Zenler supports any SCORM format courses from any eLearning authoring tool.

2. Course Pricing

  • Learner’s pay a premium for good quality courses, so don’t undersell it – price it right. It takes same marketing effort for lower priced courses than high priced ones.
  • At higher end pricing you would need lesser number of learners to profit And you get high quality learners.
  • Research your market and price your course within 20% of the similar courses.
  • You could also give away free courses to get going and then upsell them to paid courses later.
  • You could also give 2-3 lessons as free preview. The content of these should be really good that they yearn for more from your courses. This increases conversions.

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