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Think : Why teach online ?

You had probably already tried it or if you didn’t, I am sure you had heard someone talking about it. While the traditional education is getting boring, the online teaching becomes more and more popular. This shouldn’t surprise us. Nowadays, we spend a lot of time in front of our computers. We work, we play, we travel, we shop and we learn through our computers.


You can teach and be taught, all thanks to online teaching. If you are one of the students, good luck then. If you are one of the teachers (or a future teacher), then I have some advices for you.

First of all, in order to be a great teacher, you must know why are you doing this? The ideal situation is when you decide to be a teacher because you love teaching. Maybe your mother, grandfather or someone from your family is a teacher and it’s in your genes to be one too. You love learning new things every day and teaching others everything you had learnt. In this case, you already have a strong motivation and online teaching will fit you like a glove.

Some people find motivation in the amount of money they earn.Yes, trying to achieve a goal can be a motivation, but in this case, you must know some things.

First of all, no one can assure you that you will earn tons of money from online teaching. At least not in your first month.Choose a rational target. For example, you can say “This month, I will make 50$”. After you achieve your goal, you can move forward and earn more. But be careful: If you decide to earn 50$ in your first month but somehow you didn’t manage to accomplish your goal, don’t let this thing discourage you. Don’t let money be your only motivation.

Let’s see some methods that will help us increase our motivation.

Firstly, after you discover Why are you doing this? take a piece of paper, a notebook, a post it of whatever you like and write down all the reasons why are you doing this, what benefits do you have. In fact, you can write anything that could motivate you. You can also use motivational quotes.

For example: I like teaching online. I chose this path because I love helping people learning new things. Teaching online helps me developing some skills and also brings me a useful income.

Those who know, do. Those who understand, teach. Aristotle

Place this list somewhere near your desk, and read it every day. This will definitely help you stay motivated.

Moreover, if you want to stay motivated you will definitely succeed. The next step is to see yourself and your course in the future. Make a plan. Decide what is your end goal? Imagine yourself as being a really appreciated online teacher who earns enough money from online teaching to quit the full time job and become a freelancer.

Of course, there are many things you need to learn first, like how to create your first course, how to promote it and many other things, but we are going to talk about them in the next articles.

Stay tuned.

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