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Recap of Learning Technologies Expo 2012

Last week Zenler exhibited at Learning Technologies 2012 UK at Olympia 2 in London this week past and we were very encouraged by the turnout and by the reception we received. Most of the attendees were from the UK however there was a good representation from the rest of Europe as well as Asia and the Middle East. Many were delighted with our product offering and we were amazed that many were pulling out their credit cards ready to buy! This was remarkable and after all the work we put into Zenler Studio and Zenler Online in 2011 to say we were glad to hear this reaction is a understatement. We can attribute this reaction to our visitor’s current issues as well as the uniqueness of Zenler’s offerings.

First of all there are a lot of people out there still using PowerPoint for all their course development whether in the classroom, instructor lead over the internet or for e-learning. Our visitors were thrilled to see how easy Zenler Studio made it to transform their current PPT files to a publishable e-Learning format to most any LMS Format. Many had looked at and tried others products and Zenler Studio was in many people’s mind the easiest and most intuitive to learn and would have them up and running fast. We had a lot of inquires about how to Gamify eLearning in no time and when people saw how easy it was to create scenarios and games to enhance and transform their audience’s learning experience they were again asking if we could take payment right there! Zenler Studio Pro with Games Beta version is due to release shortly so stay tuned.

Our reengineered Quiz Maker was a big hit, most of our guests liked the flexibility and the speed with which they could compose a quiz along with the customization that could be done with it. They also liked the reporting that was done at the end of every quiz and the final quiz. Flexibility and speed was a common statement we heard from our visitors with many using comparisons to other products they use, tried, or were looking at. For instance, our screen capture function in Standard and Pro you have the option of several screen captures to choose from and once the choice is made the directions for beginning and ending the function are given to you before beginning and they liked that! Our design philosophy was to create a Straightforward, easy to learn and easy to use series of E-Learning tools and from the reactions we heard we feel our initial efforts were successful, but we will always seek to improve, our customers need and demand it!

Our HTML5 mobile offering got some attention as did the courses we demonstrate on iPad’s. Our HTML5 module will be out soon and is an add-on for all the Zenler Studio series. Soon whether it is in the Tube, at lunch or while at home your trainee will be able to get the courses they need at their convenience. Our On Demand LMS, Zenler Online rounded out our offering and was a real hit with those who are looking for a change or just beginning, again the quality and ease of use with the flexibility and reasonable pricing turned heads!

Over the past year Zenler has worked to develop a company that can provide cutting edge tools for the e-learning community. Our goal has been to give those just beginning their e-Learning adventure an affordable means to begin and the depth of product line and a company they can grow with. Our desire is to be our customer’s partner helping them deliver value to their enterprise whether it is the small snack shop down the street or a global logistics provider with 100,000 employees we will be there, the response we received at LT12UK proved we can do it!

As a side note, this was the writer’s first time in London and my wife and I found the people extremely friendly and courteous. The pace of London was to our liking even though we did have some misadventures on the tube! Bangers and Mash was a big hit as well as the Full Monty breakfasts and of course the pubs!!! By the end of our stay we were sad to leave but cannot wait to return. We have been many places across the globe but both Ivy and I agree London and its people will always stand out in our memories.

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