New Zenler 2.0 Student Experience

Written by Rakesh Vallil
Announcing the Re-Imagined Student Experience.

This is one of the most significant design/development work we’ve made to date..

We are thrilled to announce that we’ve completely reimagined the student side/course taking experience!

Now, we are probably one of the first ones to admit that the old Zenler 1.0 student course taking experience, albeit functional, sucked design wise. Old design looked dated – one of the main reasons behind this was that it was derived from our legacy LMS platform for organizations. Well, not anymore, we are slowly decoupling the two starting with student side now. Hint: Full on Admin side revamp is coming soon as well.

We have now redesigned the student course experience from ground-up putting your course content & learning goals at the core of the new student course taking experience.

Our kick-ass UX team have taken all the Instructor feedback, student feedback, data, research and learning science and created a beautiful, slick and seamless experience – end to end. Redesigning all that students see on your site – from the sales pages that students land on, students logged in pages, to a beautiful, beautiful course player (a player that we are immensely proud off 🙂 ) automatically adjusts to your brand colors.

All New Course Player

The new course player design is minimalistic, sleek and stunning.

Beautiful Course player, Less is more.

Our UX team has created a course player that automatically gets themed in your brand colors. If you branding color is blue for example, the course player automatically derives all its colors from blue. With a further option to explicitly override the player theme colors too so you are in total control.

The new course player is pixel perfect for a richer immersive learning experience.


Better Course completion rates

Course Completion rates in online courses space are typically dismal, so students need a course player that shows the students exactly where they are in a course, at the same time encourage them to complete each section/lesson and move on to the next.

Show progress at each stage and encourage students to complete courses. An element of gamification to encourage the students to finish each level and move to next.


Themed Badge/Certificates

Delight your students with a stunning badge/certificate of achievement upon course completion that’s again automatically themed in your branding colors.


Beautiful App-like experience on mobile

The new course player delivers a beautiful, clean app like experience on mobile devices.


Redesigned School Homepage


Search for courses! – yes, finally 🙂

Filter course by category – free or paid.

New design for Course Thumbnails

Redesigned Course Sales Pages

We have also given a facelift to the two sales page/branding styles we offer we have right now.

Themed Curriculum

Sales pages now feature a themed curriculum section. The new curriculum section gets automatically themed in your branding colors. And this is consistent with the curriculum in the course player as well so it looks seamless going into the course player from the sales page. Curriculum section also shows exact progress of each lesson/lesson type/duration to the students as well.

Revamped sales pages

The two Course sales page styles we have also have been given a facelift.


Redesigned Student Logged In Pages

All student logged in pages have undergone a revamp including:

  • My Courses – Quick overview of enrolled courses showing progress on each of them.
  • All Courses
  • Purchase History
  • Affiliate

Now, we could spend ages talking about all the design changes and how amazing it is – but the best way to experience this is for you to signup as a student and take a quick course yourselves to see the new student side pages and the course player as a student.

Go on and experience it as a student below.


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Rakesh Vallil

Founder, Zenler - On a mission to empower the world to make it easy to monetize their expertise.

  • Awesome piece of work. The ability to choose a color will do wonders for our cooking school (as gray is quite unappetizing) and certificates are surely a boon! Thank you!

    • Rakesh Vallil

      Thanks Rodrigo. Much appreciated.

  • Awesome work.The school looks very neat and works very smooth now. Its been long on Zenler now, and I feel really proud to see you guys working so hard every day bringing so many new exciting features for us on regular basis. It was because of your dedication, I closed my Udemy Account and thought of building my own website on Zenler, which I have full control on. Thanks once again .

    • Rakesh Vallil

      Thanks Prateek, excited to hear such lovely feedback.

  • Good job, one main request I would have is adding the ability to link to other URL’s within the description field. This is one of the only downfalls I’m having right now with the platform compared to some others. I have to paste plain text full URL’s as references to what I discuss in my videos.

    • Rakesh Vallil

      Thanks John. Do you mean ability to drop a link in the description/content/summary of a video lesson?

      We are working on a full admin revamp so we hope to take care of all minor issues like these as well.

      • Yes, exactly. An editor for that area would be nice as well to add some formatting such as bold, bullet points etc.

        • Rakesh Vallil

          Got ya. It’s coming along with the revamp.