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Can it get any easier ?

Over the next several weeks we will be demonstrating just how easy it is to use Zenler Studio for authoring e-Learning courses. One of the key areas where is converting existing content from word, PDF’s, and PowerPoint to an e-Learning platform. Since Zenler publishes to any LMS that is SCORM or AICCs compliant. These little “How Too” sessions with Zenler Studio will not be long because this is really easy. So take a quick look and we’ll show over the next few weeks how easy creating e-Learning courses can be.

Let’s get started, open either from the Zenler Icon or from PowerPoint. Once in go to the Zenler Studio Tab in PowerPoint and look to the far left and you will see the Course Icon. Click on it and you will be given the options to start a new course, open a previous course or select from a list of recent courses that have been worked on. So from here let’s create an e-learning course from an existing PowerPoint presentation want to use.

To create our course we’ll use the “Blank Course” option, title it and save it. From here click on the import icon and select the PPT file you want to use and it will appear on the right. You can now import all of your slides from your presentation, put them all in one chapter or break them up into separate chapters. To import the slides just click once on the ones you want to import, it is that simple!

Now that we have our slides open in on the right just select the ones you want to import and click on them and they will be placed in the chapter you are working on.

Just continue this process to add more slides and if there are more chapters then just add a chapter and use the same process.

Importing Word Documents

To import a word document just select Word Document in the Import Icon and then select the document you want to import. You will be given a choice of importing the word document in either standard letter adjustable within the slide or as a Flip Book for page turning. Just click OK and you are done.

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